Monday, December 17, 2012

Ole Kristian Dahl on

Play with a Pro is a huge and fantastic resource. Clarinetist Adam Simonsen from the Royal Danish Orchestra has collected together what is rapidly becoming an essential library of masterclasses with top pros on many instruments.

I loved the Sergio Azzolini ones because  his passion for the music helped me love the music even more and were delivered with such conviction with a touch of Italian madness. The interview with  Sergio where he describes his path to the bassoon and gives more information on Vivaldi is fantastic too.

And I was looking forward to the new bassoon videos from Ole Kristian Dahl as I had heard such good things about him as a teacher from players who had been out to Mannheim to have lessons.  I have spent a few hours studying these now.

The attention to detail is astounding! These are not for the faint hearted - i.e. they are pitched at advanced students and players. He is really giving us his “hat” on how to prepare for auditions to the highest level possible. The musical ideas are great and the “bassoon fundamentals” are startling and enlightening. Here is a player who has worked and worked to hone his craft and is willing to share that journey so we can all get something out of it.  It is obvious from the videos why he has become such an important teacher as well as player. 

Once again the free clips on Youtube and Facebook (and the free gifts on the site) are tasters and though much more representative of the overall videos  than the Azzolini clip, still leave you with questions rather than giving you all the answers. Dip in and see for yourself.

Having just finished watching the full set all in sequence and then some again with my instrument out (and of course he plays at 442 which is interesting for English players!) I can see these videos are for use again and again rather than “oh that’s nice - I wish I could do that”.

Though they can never be a total substitute for a one on one lesson you could use these to prepare and improve on endless details to work out your own plan of attack on these excerpts. And as for the bassoon basics there are some things I run into again and again with pupils, both beginner and advanced, that were described in a codified and more Scientific way than I have come across before. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas,