Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Reed Rage" filled Burgh House in Hampstead on 12th October with an enthusiastic and attentive audience for a programme of Bassoon Quartets, including the European Premiere of "Dance of the Polar Bears" by Gernot Wolfgang as well as many delightful ditties. Although the room did seem to contain a fair smattering of bassoonists in the audience, there were a couple of dozen people who had probably never even blown a bassoon or made a reed. No doubt they were closely related in other ways to the bassoonists in the room and had been dragged along. The feedback was most positive and confirmed that this is indeed a superior genre and may well replace the string quartet in the 23rd century.
The whole event was highly entertaining and coincidentally was finished in Ye Olde White Bear public house though no live Polar Bears were seen. More pictures can be seen on Picasa

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